Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Kulim.... I did not know anything about it until i met my brother-in-law’s wife who comes from Kulim. From her, i learn that it was a small town in Kedah and it's weekends were on Friday and Saturday, which meant Sunday was a working day...... that scary....

Last Friday I was finally given a reason to go to Kulim. It was my brother-in-law’s son’s birthday and they wanted to celebrate it in his wife’s hometown where her parents still resided in. His son who is the most cutest thing I have ever seen just turned ‘one’ last Friday….

Kulim was about 400KM from KL and was not too hard to get to. It took us about 4 hours to get there including a half hour stop at Tapah. Just get off the Seberang Jaya exit after the Juru toll. Turn right and get on to the Buttorworth Kulim Expressway (the BKE)…. Just follow the signs and bam! You are in Kulim.

A nice small town which reminded me of how Port Klang used to look like…. a long long long time ago… I did not manage to take pictures of the town, because we did not have time and I was also driving.

After having lunch at my brother-in-law’s in-law’s place…. We went to the Kulim Club where the party was going to be held that night. It was also were we would be staying the night. It was a nice place, well kept but you could tell that it was 20 years old… it was like stepping back to the 80’s… having said that I must say that it was way better then PJ Club which is like a dump compared to it…

The party was fantastic and the little one really enjoyed him self…

The next day after breakfast we decided to go to a waterfall. We had learnt that Kulim has many waterfalls…. And we set out to go to one called Bukit Hijau Waterfalls. It was about a 45 minute drive to the Bukit Hijau Forest Reserve. On the way there we passed Kulim Hi-Tech Park which was the northern counterpart of Cyberjaya. To be honest it looked much nicer then Cyberjaya….. hhmmm..

Anyways …in our drive there we noticed that there are many Forest Reserve parks in that area and the nearest one was Bukit Hijau… as time was not on our side because we had to meet the rest of the family for lunch, we did not spend a lot of time at the waterfalls. But I did take a mental note that we shall come back to Kulim one day and visit all the waterfalls here… here are some pictures of the Bukit Hijau falls…..

we were marooned by cows one the way back from Bukit Hijau...

---I am guessing that it was a good day to get married because we saw more then a dozen wedding cars on our way back…. but this by far was the most ugliest…

It rained really heavy one and off on the North South Highway as we were making our way back to KL... there were a number of accidents we passed which ranged from really bad to not so bad.. So i was glad that we reached in one piece ...... It was a good trip and i hope to visit Kulim again.


Tuesday, January 16, 2007

A New Year A New Office

We moved into the the old IBM builiding in TTDI last week and i seem to be settling in into our new office pretty nicelly. Surprisingly the LDP was not as bad as i imagined. It takes me about half an hour to get to work...but .... i cant leave later then 7.45am cos the jam picks up from then until about 8.30.

On another note, Rose and I finally toke down the christmas tree last weekend.... yes i guess we were one week late but hey... we let christmas linger a little longer... so what...

I guess 2007 is finally kicking in..... new resolutions to keep and new goals to achieve.... arrrgghh!!! you can do it!!!