Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Bloggers Booze and a Wet Nurburgring

Well yeah I went to the Blogger Booze organized by Daniel. Well apart from the sponsor issues and the fact that I didn’t load my camera memory card (so no photos from me) I did have some fun meeting a few bloggers and non bloggers. Its good to put a face to a bloggers nick…. But I must say Josh Lim of advertlets was surprisingly unapproachable… the blogger bugger had some kind of attitude …. But I guess he picks and chooses who to be nice with cos he seemed ok with “some” of the people there… anyway it was not a bad gathering of people and me and Dono got to play some pool with some of the bloggers too...

Well if you don’t know me already…. I don’t really fancy going to pubs anymore.. I hate it that the music is sometimes just too loud to have a decent conversation with anyone. And the cigarette smoke… oh how I hate that smell which eventually will get to your eyes… and your hair …and your cloths… I just don’t see the point anymore….

It does not help when the ambience is crappy and the sound system is like shit…. And worst still… the beer tasted like tap water mixed with lime juice… yuck!... I heard that the long island tea tasted bad too… anyhow… the finger food was surprisingly good and i was with good company and I got to meet some nice people too. …

Karen is down on semester break so I got Donovan (no he doesn’t have a blog) and Karen to follow me to the blogger booze. We had dinner at this mamak restaurant in Plaza Damas before going to modesto’s… The party continued at Laundry Bar around 12:30am but Karen, Dono and I went home…. Hey… it was way past my bedtime ok...

It was a good effort from Daniel… good job Dan…. read more about it HERE

Did anyone catch the F1 last Sunday…. Gosh! It was the most exciting race of this season… 2 laps into The Nurburgring gp of Europe and it starts to pour cats and dogs… actually it was more like cows and sheep…… it was so heavy at less 6 cars lost control… most managed to be lifted back on the track…. Sato almost took out the safety car with his Spyker…. And after all that chaos… it was Winkelhock, the newbie from Spyker who was leading the race.. lucky for him he had come into the pits just when it started to rain…..

The race was brought to a halt for a restart as the rain was becoming to heavy…. Hamilton who was one of the cars which lost control was a lap down but with some great driving from him… he managed to end the race in 9th place… Massa on the other hand was a useless coconut... eventhough he was leading the race in the last 5 laps... he was useless in the wet as it started to rain again in the closing laps of the race. Massa even managed to bump his car against Alonso who began to show his colours in the rain but luckily nobody lost control and Alonso pulled away for a well deserved win…… much cant be said about Raikkonen as his luck with car reliability has followed him from McLaren to Ferrari…. !!... after all this years we now know it was not the car …but the driver… Sigh!!... I’m so disappointed in him….


Monday, July 23, 2007

Terror Cloud

What the Hell or Heaven??!!>!> i was at my favourite hunting grounds, hunting for sunsets but the sound of thunder rumbling from the east compelled me to look up to the other direction... this interesting storm cloud looked so inviting, making me stare at it in wonderment then FLASH!!! lightning erupted from all over the cloud...... tried taking pictures of it with its lightning glory but i cldnt get a single picture with that lighting effect... its times like these i wish i had an DSLR which i wld mount on a tripod set it to 30 seconds exposure or bulb with an F 22 aperture and just click away.... well i dont have a DSLR so i went for the second best thing... i took out my old Minolta X300 SLR camera set it to F22 and took a shot it bulb mode (This means leaving the shutter open as long as i want by pressing on the shutter release button).... ofcos i had it set on a tripod lah.... but like all film cameras i will have to wait till i wash the pictures to see the results....

aaarrggghhhh i want an DSLR!!! It does not help that there is going to be a Digital Camera Warehouse sale this Thursday... i have been to this sale last year... and they had superb offers for the Canon 400D and the nikon D40 :( poison... poison i tell you... its poison trying to rid me of my money... Well if your in the market for a camera i recommend going for this sale... go there early and be prepared for the crowd.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

A Birthday Bash and a Bloggers Booze

Bren had a birthday come house warming at his place last Saturday. cant believe how old he is... bren you old fart, bag of potatoes......kekeke

Bren showing us just how old he is by almost falling asleep while we sang happy birthday

Daniel recalling his gallivantings in KK.......
Me... liking the deco...... the tiger beer can was a nice touch

This little ball thingys were in the glass bowl with the flowers and plants as seen above. They are this crystal thingys which you soak in water and it become this cute little ball thingys... they are bouncy too....... i cldnt resist trying to get one suspended in mid air with my camera....... after 30 something tries later ...i finally got one suspended...

Bren showing how it was in the 80 s nightclub scene.... he is such an 80 s freak....

On another note i would like to inform all my readers that there will be a bloggers meet 'christened' The Bloggers Booze this coming Saturday at Modesto's in Plaza Damas.... the name implies be prepared for an intocicated night ....... Anyone interested in joining us please visit Daniel's Blog HERE and HERE for more info...

Monday, July 16, 2007

I just love Sunsets

I havent taken pictures of sunsets in a while so last week i went sunset hunting... sad to say only Wednesday (1st picture above) and Thursday (2nd picture and the one on the left) had some nice light displayed. Wednesday was fiery golden but only lasted like 5 minutes while Thursdays sunset lasted a good 20 minutes. I guess its always the good ones that last a short while... huh...

Friday, July 13, 2007

Finally sent for paint......

Meet my uncle Raveendran, he's had a passion for classic bikes and cars all his life..... and has owned many classics in his time. In his stable he has a Norton , a Triumph and a custom made copper bike as seen in the pictures. I dont have to say that he has been riding Norton and Triumph bikes before there were even called classics...keke sorry uncle... hope you dont take that the wrong way...

Anyhow all my life i have seen him restore classic cars and bikes for as a hobby and also for clients. He himself is a Morris Minor fan and has owned and refurbished a few Morris Minors before.. You can see a blue one in front of my beetle in the picture...... which has seen better days....

Its no wonder that he is currently the President of the Classic Bike Association of Malaysia....

You could say he is one of the people that influenced my love for classics too. I really appreciate his help in keeping my car in his place till i had the time and resources to send it for paint. And that day was last Saturday.... i finally got the car towed to the paint shop called Ah Wah in Teluk Pulai, Klang ....

Unfortunately the tow guy was a dud and did not secure the beetle properly.... so when taking a sharp turn into the shop area the rear driver side tyre came out of the clamp.... and the clamp ramped my new floor boards....WTF...%$%%&()...... it was hell trying the get the car or the tow clamps off.... and the rear apron got damaged in the process.... luckily the floor board seems to be ok and still look ok..... &^$##!!&*(^*(%$$...... im getting it flat bedded the next time..... in all that excitement i forgot to take my camera with me... will be going to the shop this weekend to pass a door lock lever cos i didnt realise the passenger door is locked..... pictures coming soon....

PS.... by the way my uncles custom bike is for sale ...... drop me a comment if youre interested.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Happy Birthday Dermo

It was my colleague's birthday last friday and he threw a party at his place. Diarmuid (aka Dermo) is from Ireland... it was a simple party with lots and lots of pizza and drinks.... Of cos Brendan made sure to have really 80s music playing which he would have you know a brief history of the band and other trivia which you may or may not find interesting.... kekeke

(First pick your poison.... then pick a piece of pizza... and away we go)

(Part time DVD sellers.................................... just kidding)
[Haven't seen Yew Yew, Adele and Lee (not in pic) in such along time]

Alex and her friends..............
(The birthday boy exhibits a Jekyll and Hyde trait... one minute he is like all jumping around and shouting a singing then another minute he is all calm and counting his money or fiddling with his ..... cufflinks)
Jengga!!!!!.............. hhmmm is that how its spelt
The party continue in KL but i called it a night..... im such a bum lah... any how i had an early morning the next day.... am finally got the Beetle towed to the paint shop..... so in a few months i'll have a freshly painted baked vw beetle body shell..... yeah!!!!

Friday, July 06, 2007

Shopahunt Pictures!!

Well... i only managed to take pictures before and after the hunt... so i guess the title for this entry isnt appropriated.... oh well ... ...

it was an overcast day which then turned into blazing sun which gave me such a hard time to figure out the exposure... The first photo is of MTC (MATIC) with KLCC in the background. This is where the shopahunt started from... I decided to take a walk since i was there 2 hours early... i kinda like that crane so i took a picture of it ...too bad the KL tower got in the way... :)

Ever wondered what changing the white balance when taking pictures outdoors in bright daylight looks like. which one do you thing looks closes to the actual plant....... non of the above... ... i would say if i combined the first top picture from the left with the top middle one together... that might give me the correct balance... hmmm if only i can photoshop....

As you can see... after the hunt we were absolutely bushed to the very limit..... there where many participants all over the place just crashed on the floor of berjaya times square... ...

Thursday, July 05, 2007

A night of vibrant colours....

Saturday,..........Considering I slept at 4am …. I really don’t know how I managed to wake up at 8am and to go hiking at Gasing Hill with Chelva. I was so beat after that lah… I managed to get some shut eye after lunch but had to wake up by 4pm and get ready for my cousin sister’s engagement. It was a Hindu engagement…. So it was the full works lah … It was held at the Sivan temple in Klang. One thing I like about Hindu engagements or weddings is that it is so vibrant and colourful but it can be a long ceremony…. …. it didn’t help that it was held in the open and not in a hall. … it was so hot that Saturday….and even though we were sheltered in a tent I was sweating buckets of water…………. I really pity all the women and girls in ‘sarees’ ……. I think it was nearly 40 degrees C that day…. Anyway every thing went really well and according to plan… and the vegetarian food was really good…… and this coming from an anti-vege person some more….keke

(The bride-to-be arriving at the temple with a convoy of classic bikes.... hhmmm actually can i call her a bride-to-be when its only an engagement...)

(The groom-to-be arriving with the 'hantaran' - offerings of different kinds of sweets)
(....and the ceremony begins....)

(blessing from the groom to be.......)

(Blessing from the bride to be......)

hmmm…. I can’t believe my cousin is getting married….. its like everyone’s growing up so fast… The wedding is in a month’s time… and I’m really looking forward to it….. hmmm but I wonder how long the wedding ceremony is going to be..