Thursday, December 27, 2007

New Year Resolution... Wanted !

Hmmmm... I should be writing something more christmassy but i need to make an announcement ........... I finally did it....... i resigned from my company of which i have been loyally serving for nearly 8 years!!!! yup i did it.... ..... 14th Dec was my last day, and it felt really strange.... actually the last three days in my company felt almost eerie... hmmm... i dont really know how to explain it....

Well.... to some of you from my company who are reading.... i would like to say that ... i am really going to miss you guys (well you know who you are).... and i wish you all the best....

... i am FREE.... i am FREE........ i am....... unemployed ..........WTF!!!!!!!!!!!! kekeke... i know its not funny but for some reason im happy but a little scared too.... hmmm...

Anyway.... If you are looking for a Photographer to capture your special moments..... like Engagements, Weddings, someones Birthday, your pets birthday... anything lah.... feel free to email me at ...... or leave a comment on this blog.... or call me if you have my number. Pixelated Mo is for Hire......!!!
Here's a some pictures taken on my last day of work.... more then half were off or working on a different shift.... sniff sniff... miss you guys lah...

Even mister pinky came over to wish me a fond farewell.......
I didnt want to post all the picks cos theres just too many :) ...i will try an compile it and email it to you guys (my ex co-workers) soon....
Anyway... i promised you guys and gals more pictures of Mega Mall in my last post.... So i shall leave you guys with a shot of the creppy mega mall christmas fairies.... pouncing out of some kind of shrub.... picking an unsuspecting kids who where looking for Santa...........
Merry Christmas Everybody and to Everybody a Happy New Year.......

Monday, December 17, 2007

Let the Shopping begin!

Christmas is almost upon us and shopping is in the air. Went to mid valley two weeks ago to help Rose look for curtains. The deco in Mid Valley was not too bad. They seem to do a good job... especially last year and the year before that. This year it seems its a fairy land of something..... but once the fairies came out and started dancing... i felt a little scared... but i braved myself and tooke a few pictures of the fairies.... .....scary looking fairies....
Caught this guy in a shop window....and i just love what they did with pvc pipes in the background....

Mo Mid Valley in my next post.........

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Wild on Wheels

Went to the Wild on Wheels car show which was organized by the AMC club.... a really good turn out of cars but not a good turn out of spectators. I got there in the afternoon and found out that many of the participating had left.... even while i was making my way towards all the cars ... a string of beetles and a combi left :(

Anyway click on the picture to have a look at more pictures of the show... some really cool cars...

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

November 07 'Photo of the Month'

Praying in the Pantry

Apeture F2.8
Shutter 1/6 sec
Focal Lenght 12mm
Exposure -0.33

Wednesday, December 05, 2007


The tale of Beowulf has been told in so many ways much like Homer’s Iliad… … and so far I have seen three…

The first one I watched was a C grade Christopher Lambert movie called Beowulf. It was so cheesy and bad with its cheesy graphics and even cheesier soundtrack…… … and like cheese it was full of plot holes…… the only thing good about this movie was the introduction of Rhona Mitra…….. even with Rhona’s ‘offerings’ and Christopher Lambert’s silver hair… I give it a 2/10…and with that im being generous …..what’s with the science fiction twists lah? Sheeshkebabs!

Beowulf & Grendel caught me by surprise… I didn’t know much about it until I wanted to know more about Gerard Butler after his performance in the movie 300…… it was noted that he did well in this movie too… so I went and got it. Beowulf & Grendel was filmed very well and although it’s a myth and was made famous in a poem, it was however portrayed very realistically. Somehow the grammar in that sentence doesn’t feel right….. anyway I would recommend this movie with a 7/10…. But mind you it can get a little dull but intriguing nonetheless.

Now we come to the latest installment of the famous poem of this infamous Norse warrior. First things first…. 3D animation has come really far… it was just stunningly superb. Its really hard to see the difference between animation and reality especially the skin tone and body motion…. But I think the animation of ‘hair’ still needs some work…
The movie captures you from the get go and it’s a wild ride from there on after but they did change the story a little bit… I call this Hollywootism. First, Beowulf does kill Grendel’s Mother but it was rumored that Grendel had an offspring. Secondly he does not inherit a Kingdom. The Movie Beowulf & Grendel followed the story more faithfully but the 3D motion capture Beowulf was more entertaining. So it gets 8/10.


Checkout my BIG tripod!

Last Saturday My mum and sister took me and rose out for dinner to celebrate my birthday at Pizza Uno in Taipan... food was ok only.... but i have eaten their English breakfast before... and that was the bomb.... Anyway after we got back, the guys turned up at my doorstep to surprise me with beer and cake.,.... i must have been grinning from ear to ear.... and they even got me a present..... it was a big ass can kill a dog tripod for my camera..... !!!! wunderbar!!!!

see...with a tripod i can be in the picture too
Ofcos ....the guys moved on to the important things in life.... stuffing ones face and watching LIVE english football..... you can see it in their eyes that they werent impressed with the player tactics...
the girls were less then impressed...
time to cut the cake.....
G... being a 'shifty' person came late becos of work......GGGGGGGGGG
here's the BIG sakura tripod..... its BIG and sturdy... and damn stable.... it will certainly come in handy. Cant wait to use it properly. But the weight is surely going to be challenging... I am not sure if i would want to be lunging around with it on holidays.....
Anyway guys and gals...especially Dono... Thank you yeah... God bless!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Indian Minority Report (borrowed from Jeff Ooi)

Now.... looking at the pictures sequence mind you... Is what was reported in the Star accurate... visit for more pictures of the truth..... To the Police i have these questions...... why round them up and corner them into the temple... then shoot tear gas and water canons when they are inside the temple gates.... These guys had nowhere to this how you disperse a crowd...... hmmm what would have happened if the police had shot tear gas and water cannons at people inside the gates of the Masjid Jamek Mosque last november 10th 2007.....i'd really like to know the answer to that one...

...lets read what was reported in Star shall we... (btw this happened hours before the gathering in Jalan Ampang the same day)

Batu Caves temple property damaged, 69 protesters held

KUALA LUMPUR: Demonstrators broke into the Batu Caves temple compound and destroyed temple property early yesterday morning, Inspector General of Police Tan Sri Musa Hassan said.

He said the crowd that had gathered there swelled from a mere 200 people just after midnight to more than 1,000 by about 2am.

“The demonstrators forced open the locked gates and started breaking temple property, prompting the temple committee to lodge a police report,” he said. (They are protesting on the demolistion of a few temples... so they go to batu caves to deface the temple...yeah right!)

Minutes later several trucks of policemen, including those in plainclothes and members of the Light Strike Force unit, arrived at the temple and told the demonstrators to disperse.

However, they refused and instead fled into the temple premises, when police gave them a last warning.

When policemen pursued them, the demonstrators pelted and attacked them with stones and inter-locking bricks, resulting in several policemen being injured.

The demonstrators also threw a Molotov cocktail at a tourist charter bus, setting in on fire. They also shattered the windscreens and windows of several passing cars by throwing stones and bricks at the vehicles. (The road was already blocked... the only vehicles that were damaged were the ones parked at the temple... cant be sure about the tourist bus which was there at 3 in the morning!)

Musa said no tear gas or water cannons were used at the demonstrators during the incident. (Luckily... a picture paints a thousand words)

“By about 4am, 69 people had been arrested,” he added.

As at press time, police were keeping a close watch on the area

i am not saying that i am for the protest and the way of protesting but it is the sense that the people should be given a chance to voice their opinions.... now with all the road blocks the police conducted over the past two weeks, the gathering still happened .... If the police had issued a proper permit and instilled guidlines on the premises of the gathering and what can and can not be done to hold a peaceful gathering to voice their protest sure the police in turn would have had more control over the gathering .... Like i said before.... the police caused more traffic jams for the past two weeks but the protesters only caused a jam for half a day....that also only on a Sunday.... The human rights of these people were clearly violated but nothing is being said or done about that.......... well will the enforcers learn that restrain does not always mean control... ...

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Dreamy Purple

Shot this during Dan's Farewell party in Plaza TTDI. I found the foyer to be a dreamy purple or some sort of purple.... Took me a few tries to get the white balance right... not sure if i did but it turned out ok.

Anyway besides the Hindraf gathering which the police failed to stop even with road blocks and stationed police offices at varies locations all over klang valley which only made traffic worst every day for the past two weeks... which come to think of it was not as bad the few hours last sunday.... ok ok i shall not get into it.... for now.... for another post then.... but if you really want to see the truth about the gathering... then go to and you can compare it with the reports you have read in the newspapers.... like how jeff put it... let the pictures do the talking...

It was my burpday yesday... but i really really really wasnt in the mood to do anything.... work an stuff lah...... but Rose eventually persuaded me to go out and catch a bite and a movie... ./...... Dinner was so so... tried a new mediterranean place in the new wing of Sunway Pyramid... eeerrr! i forgot the name .... it was something Fig or Fig something...hmmm... anyway.... it was not too bad but for what i got i think the price is a little too much.

After dinner we went and watched the movie Hitman ...hmmmm .... i like shoot'em up brainless movies.... but this one was bad... the action was ok lah... but overall it was a bad... anyway ... will write about it another day...

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Daniel's and Evy's Farewell Party

Daniel and Me.... Cant believe its been 7 plus years we have been working together... he joined the company about a year before me... the department will never be the same again. Your guidance and 'wisdom' will be missed.

Evy and me.... 3 years assisting me in running a department..... all the best to you on your future endeavors Evy. Well this is some what a late post (as usual) cos they left on the 31st of October... We had a little get together farewell party with lots of food and cake.... then went over to Waikiki 2 to party some more....

The two clowns...... after cutting the cake.... (dont ask me why we had cake.... but i must say that the cakes where delicious ...yummmmmm)

Dan and me...... we made beautiful music together.......

The after party... party.... at Waikiki 2 in Plaza TTDI.......... wasted?... no not yet...... we made sure we did not let Daniel go quietly ...mission accomplished...

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Lets Kick Some Ass!!!

Hot Fuzz…. was so hilarious lah…. I was in stitches watching this movie…. Simon Pegg and Nick Frost were fantastic together, but then again I liked their outing in Shaun of The Dead better…. So if you loved Shaun, you would love this movie too… Well …I was thoroughly entertained so I will give Hot Fuzz a 9/10….. by the way Shaun of The Dead is 10/10 for me…

Wicker Man is the 3rd and last Nicholas Cage movie… in my quest to see if I really really hate him or not…… I really really hate him lah…I really do……. he has the same dopey look which makes me want to slap his face silly… Anyway this movie is a remake of a 70s classic. It was disturbingly stupid which left me with too many stupid questions like what the hell is he still doing there when he knows there’s something really strange going on in that place and he will need to get his ass off the island and bring in the big guns to nuke the place… Even the shocking ending does not make it any better….. 3/10

Dejavu had me going there…. for awhile at least…. Dejavu had me going there…. for awhile at least …. (Woah!… I just had a Dejavu moment)…… Then, somewhere half way into the movie…just as it starts to get really interesting …it crashed and burnt to the ground… with me feeling like a disappointed idiot…. It is official lah… the only time-travel movie which actual follows a proper time travel continuum, which made more sense then shoulder pads in a metallic green dress would be all three Back to The Future movies, with the Terminator series coming in second and 12 Monkeys a close third…….…. No other movie has done it better then Doc Brown and Marty McFly whizzing around in the Delorean…… …. Dejavu fails to deliver its story with conviction …….. 3.5/10 for me…. Maybe becos I expected more….hmmmm

If someone tells me, you need big boobs to be an ass kicking hot babe then I will have to tell them, No! You don’t need to have Double Ds to be an ass kicking Hot Babe!!... heck!... you don’t even need to kick any ass either, as Sabrina has shown in her post on Charlize Theron….but then again Charlize has kicked ass in Aeon Flux……. Anyway what I’m trying to say here is that Milla Jovovich is one hot ass kicking babe… as seen in all her Resident Evil movies… including the latest one, Extinction. This is a shootem up’ movie which you will enjoy if you turn your brain off…. But I must say there is a sense of Dejavu about the movie because it reminded me of so many other movies… Mad Max for most part of it……. Oh well, no points for originality… but I did enjoy the movie so it gets 6/10…

Ready to kick some ass!!!!!........




Rainbow Vision

The picture above was taken from my office balcony. Dramatic rain clouds tend to fascinate me.... this was just after a storm early in the morning.... Picture was cropped to make it look like a panoramic photo... If it rains heavily in the morning... usually there would be a good sunset.... well maybe I'm just saying what i want to see.... and sunsets aren't as predictable as i think they are.... Anyways, the sunset on the left was taken a few weeks ago and it did rain heavily the morning of the same day....
Ah... so this is how Asstro gets its signal.... now wonder its so crappy.....We've been getting alot of rainbows lately... but for the love of reflective droplets of water... i cant seem to get any decent pictures of rainbows....sigh,,,... the learning continues....

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Lucky 13 the only Redeemer

I never really liked any of the Harry Potter Movies… so it would be a bit unfair to review the latest one ‘the order of the phoenix’…. I seriously think they should have made Harry Potter a really big budget TV series or something like that… Phoenix is the same as Goblet of Fire… so why even bother to watching it…….. it’s like watching Dynasty… the same thing over and over in every season…it’s kinda sad really…. I would have thought a story about a boy wizard and his wizard friends would be a lot more interesting than that……… hmmm …anyway 3/10 for me … even the CGI cldnt save this movie for me…… and pls… don’t tell me the book was better cause…this is not about the book… :P

Danny Ocean and his merry men are at it again… an elaborate scheme of thievery only an ensemble cast like this can pull of… I must say that I liked Ocean’s 12 better then 13… nevertheless its still a really cool movie,,,… fantastic script, a great cast, a definite must watch…. 13/10 for Ocean’s 13 … I enjoyed every moment of it… except for the scene with Vincent Cassel… that was such a waste of a good plot… so I guess it would be more of a 9/10 then…. “You shook Sinatra's hand. You should know better …”….

Premonition is a weird movie which should have been good… here’s an example of how a good plot just does not equate to a good movie… It’s a movie trying too hard to be original but just turns out to be shitty and similar to other movies of the same genre… I have no idea why I felt that way but I do… Movies like The Butterfly Effect come to mind…. Why go far….. didn’t Sandra Bullock just act in Lake House which had some what of a premonition like feel to it but with a more romantic theme compared to Premonition’s more darker sutured. Hmmm… well maybe for a boring Saturday afternoon then… my premonition was that it wld be a 2/10 but I was wrong… 4/10 for me.

Rush Hour 3…. If you don’t know already … I’m a big Jackie Chan fan… but why oh why did they have to make a 3rd Rush Hour… It was so bad not even Jackie’s bad acting could save it…. Wait!.. did I mean to say Jackie’s excellent fight scene’s…. well maybe… …As usual Jackie does not fail to amaze me with his kicks and splits, but its official lah… Chris Tucker is the most irritating actor I have ever seen on screen…. I just couldn’t wait for him to shut the hell up… 3/10 for a bad rush hour jam….

I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry was funny in parts but if not for Jessica Biel… I don’t think I would have even bothered to watch it… how could I not miss Biel in nothing but her undies and lets not forget the cat suit with whiskers all…. it just didn’t reach the right balance of racist, homophobic, sexist chemistry as say Talladega Nights… (ok…. I never thought I’d say that out loud)….. Anyway, there where way too many similarities to the movie Boat Trip which by the way did a better job…… Amen to Roselyn Sanchez. So Chuck and Larry get 4/10 from me….


Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Yellow Yellow BERSIH fellow

Does this look like 4,ooo people.... maybe you should add another zero....

Click here for more pictures:

It wasn’t your normal “Saturday I want to get back home” kinda jam… that’s what I thought as I sat there in the car waiting at the lights in Brickfields… determined to get to Masjid India because every other Indian cloths shop was closed for the festive Deepavali weekend….. but I shocked to see Police manning the lights and had diverted all traffic into Jalan Parlimen… “hmmm what was going on”, I say… nearly half an hour passes and we give up our quest and head back to PJ through Damansara, suddenly we decide to go to Bangsar Village ….but not before the heavens opened up and it rained of anger and rage…..

Oblivious are we of the goings on of our country…… It was only after an e-message in the afternoon did I flick on the news in one might say a rare occasion of which I’m grateful to have subscribed to the cutthroat Asstro TV… and watch thousands of Malaysian’s paint the Town Yellow…. Well sometimes when one paints you will need water!!!

Some will say don’t drag the royals into politics and other will assure you that there was not nor a peep while abroad….. But then… why oh why then… the request of the ISA for a memorandum none would accept…. Irresponsible are they the campaigners to march in one voice? Blinded are they with their quest for transparency? Perhaps… maybe…. but determined they are….united they must…… shunned they should not be …

I watched Aljazeera as more and more info was searched and among all the fellows that voiced their antipathy on the demonstration... this YB datuk seri Zainuddin Maidin... our very own Information Minister said it the best.....
Al Jazeera: Why are protesters being sprayed with Chemical filled water?
Zainuddin Maidin : I am watching, I hear. It is not as what you have been trying to do this, to do it everywhere but in Malaysia people are laugh you, We know our Police at last have allowed this procession to go to Istana Negara you know. Do Police, First Police might be have handled them with tear gas. Police don't, don't fire anybody.

Al Jazeera: Our correspondent came back to our office with chemicals in his eyes
Zainuddin Maidin : This is the way, your idea is that what you are trying to project what is your mind, you think we are Pakistan, we are Burma, we are Myanmar. Your thinking

Al Jazeera: Well unfortunately when you refused to let people to protest, it does appear so.
Zainuddin Maidin: That is why we are not like you. That is why you have early perception. You come here and you want to project us as like undemocratic country. This is a democratic country.

Al Jazeera: So why can't people protest then if it is a democratic country?
Zainuddin Maidin: First people protest. We are allowing protest and they have demonstrated. But when we try to disperse them, and then later when they don't want to disperse. But later our Police compromise. They have compromised and allowed then to proceed to Istana Negara. Police, our Police have succeeded in handling them gently, right? Why don't you report that and you take the opposition, someone from the opposition party, you asked him to speak and you don't take from the Government, right

Al Jazeera: Why did you not break up these protesters more peacefully?
Zainuddin Maidin: Pardon, pardon

Al Jazeera: Why did you not break up these protests more peacefully?
Zainuddin Maidin: I can't hear you. I can't hear you.

Al Jazeera: Why did you not break up these protests more peacefully?
Zainuddin Maidin: No, we are, first this is illegal. We don't want, normally this demonstration. .

Al Jazeera: OK, let me return to my former question: why is the protest illegal?
Zainuddin Maidin: Yeah it is illegal. First is because (Why?) we have the election in Malaysia. No point of having a protest. We are allowing, we have an election every five years, never fail. We are not like Myanmar, not like other country. And you are helping these. You at Al Jazerra is also helping these, these forces. You know these forces who are not impatient, who don't believe in democracy.....

Al Jazeera: Many thanks for joining us.
Remember Remember the 10th of November!

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Praying in the Pantry





Everybody was kung fu fighting.....


Those cats were fast as lighting..


In fact it was a little bit frightning


But they did it with expert timing....


This little big guy ... landed on the water dispencer in my office pantry while i was getting a glass of water... according to a few colleagues it was flying around the office for about three days. It was atleast 7 or 8 inches long... (dats what she said... kekeke)...

Anyway .... i took a bowl and scoped it into it and left it on a plant outside on the balcony... but not before i took a few shots...

kekeke ....look at him.... what a poser.......