Sunday, September 20, 2009

Living out of a suitcase....

I’ve been living out of a suitcase for the past month …. Now finally over the raya holidays, I will be getting some much needed rest…. I hope… oh and finally go thru my photos of India……

My schedule for the past month was a little like this….

26th August – left for Kuantan after work
27th August – drive back to KL
28th August – convoy to Cameron Highlands for APM’s retreat.
30th August –left cold rainy camerons for hot hot KL
31st August – REST, laundry and pack for India
1st September – YINDIA!!!!!! :D
10th September – goodbye YINDIA :(
11th September – REST, laundry and Sleep
12th September – Uncle’s mother-in-laws funeral :(
13th September – REST, Sleeppppppp… then Donovan’s Birthday do
14th September – Back to work :(
15th September – Rushed back from work for Rose Birthday do
16th September – Drove to Ipoh for work
17th September – left Ipoh at 9pm and got home at 11.30pm
18th September – got to the office late and found out that my boss is driving me to IPOH on a work emergency….!!! Luckily it’s a day trip and my boss drove all the way to and fro with me
19th September – Christopher and Diana’s Wedding
20th September – Writing this post…. :P