Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Lucky to get some Sunshine on the 3:10 to Yuma

At last a good western... i havent seen a good western since Tomstone and Unforgiven ... 3:10 to Yuma was interesting and it kept me on my toes but glued to my seat. The cast, all of them...were excellent in their roles... 7.5/10 for me... It was well made

Talking about well made... Eternal Sunshine of the spotless mind was well made.... I felt that The Idea of the movie (Story) was very well filmed... simple yet complexed... just like life.... and luck has nothing to do about it... 7/10

You know, i really loved the new James Bond movie Casino Royal ... it was an excellent movie actually... but there was one thing i didnt like about it and it is how they filmed the main poker game in the movie... i didnt have a sense of the game... of cos u could say the game was not the main focus.... hmmm but i think it shld have been a little bit more meaningful .... There are good movies which show poker in its best form... one of the best was Maverick ... but last year i did watch Lucky You, a poker movie with a romantic twist... it was pretty much formula filming but bit different.... good for a Saturday afternoon tv viewing... but somewhere in the middle it was a abit of a tug of war between romantic movie and poker rookie coming of age movie.... but good anyway 5.5/10



sabrina said...

I totally agree!!! Casino Royale exceeded expectations by a mile!! I loved the first scene with the parkour...brilliant!!!!

And thanks for the tips...will go and get Yuma and Eternal Sunshine today from my DVD guy :p

Pixelated Mo said...

oh yah i love parkour (free running) ....hey hay you seen the movie YAMAKASI... best movie about a bunch of free runners.. story was crap but the parkour action was brilliant....

Hope you enjoy YUMA and Eternal Sunshine