Saturday, October 10, 2009

Talent Hub 4th Anniversary Party with Viva Vertical

*click on poster for larger view*

Call 016-2858353 or email to purchase your tickets!

Would love for all of you to be there. Do come and show your support, and please pass the word on to all your friends!
Talent Hub


Gallivanter said...

If you want 2 free Da Vinci Exhibition tickets, head over to my blog. I've inserted the link here as well in the comment form. :-)

Pixelated Mo said...

its the 50 words im having problem with :)

Fiona-Jane Gomez said...

Thank you! I appreciate it.

Now you just need to buy a ticket and come!!!

Or you can be our unpaid photographer and come for free! Haha!

Pixelated Mo said...

very tempting :D ... but i might not be free that weekend... thats why i havent committed yet...