Thursday, September 14, 2006

The Funnies

If you wanted a good laugh because you are feeling down the funnies or the comic strip is not the only funny thing in the newspaper... lets take today for instance. Tengku Razaleigh said that he is "surprized" that Dr M lost in Kubang Pasu UMNO delegation elections. (Yeah right) .... Razeleigh believes there are "unseen forces" stopping Dr M. ......HAAHAHAHhahahahheeeeeeee!! WTF.

How about this one......... "One hour passport renewal" in Labuan and soon in Sabah and Sarawak.. because they are linked directly to NRD.... (If only Klang Valley was as populated as Sabah and Sarawak).. haha.. ofcos they were quick to say that "as long as there is no fault with the system the one hour promise will be kept"..... HAHAHahahahahaaaaaa... and for the encore... in a sepparate article it read "System Crash brings State NRD to a standstill" hehehaeheheeeeeeeeehahahaaa.... ofcos this was in Ipoh, but the Irony of it...hahahaaa..

stop it.... it hurts....


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