Friday, May 25, 2007

Somebody to love...

I was tagged by Daniel with 'Which Act No Longer Performing Live Would I've Loved to Have Seen?' ... this is a tough one because i am not really into music... growing up my daily music intonation was just anything good thats playing on the radio, U2, Sting, Queen, actually almost all 80s pop songs and anything from Hillsongs(praise and worship songs btw). And Im supposed to list 5 ah... Actually most of the bands i do want to watch Live are still actively making music... and the once that are not active or defunct are so boring to watch live for example CCR... i like their songs but i once watched two songs performed live on tv and it was soooo boring.....

I believe a good band with really good songs dont necessarily make good entertainers... anyway lets get along to my list shall we;

1) Queen
Its hard to deny that their catchy tunes really creep right into your blood... They are infectious entertainers.... Freddy's energy on stage is just amazing... I love every single song ever sang by Queen, i even love the song that Mecury sang for the Barcelona Olympics... it is truly a sad lost as he was one of the best entertainer and singer whose unique persona made Queen (the band) great.

2) New Order
You can be born in the synthesizer age and not love Blue Monday right? but hmmm are they still actively playing music?

3) Genesis
I cant dance, I cant talk. The only thing about me is the way I walk.... Phil Collins really made Genesis 'move into the light' when he joined them... I have seen Phil play the drums on one of Genesis concerts i watched...again on tv.. and i must say, it was really really good... and when Phil played along side Sting on live8 it was total bliss. I heard that Genesis is getting together for another concert tour... dont know if this is true..

4) AHA
Yes yes... i like AHA... actually i like many 80s pop bands but most dont do good concerts... And AHA, like New Order make fairly entertaining concerts one of which i watched on tv a long long time ago. Again i dont know if they are still together and are able to do a concert in the near future.

5) Jean Michel Jarre
You're probably going.. "say what!??" or "Jean Michel Who?".. he is one of the fathers of New Age Music and i caught he's concert, yes you guessed it 'on tv' back in 1988 and i was simply blown away... He incorporates his music with fireworks laser lights and all the elements around him ...simply awesome. Here is a wikipedia search on him or you can click on the title above to go to his official site.

hmmm after looking at the list above its most likely that Queen is the only act no longer performing live that I'd loved to have seen......

American Idol updates: Yes its finally over... and Jordin the victorious champion... Watched the late nite reapeat cos i had Pentecost Rally practice. Only watched till Bette Midler croaked on stage then I went to bed... Actually other then Bette Midler showing us she has lost it... the show was pretty entertaining.. Tony Bennet showed us that he still got it even at hundred and eleventy years old. Even Paula looked good and finally did not look like a drag queen..



Gallivanter said...

Is CCR really that bad performing live? Their songs are all MADE for live, yet they screw it up? Anyway,what matters most is QUEEN. I know too few songs from 2, 3, 4, and 5 to be bothered enough to watch them live. :-)

Pixelated Mo said...

well it could be me... becos the crowd was pretty wild... well it was the 70s...maybe they were high.

Now i remember what show it was... it was called The History of Rock... each episod was a given year...

sabrina said...

But Paula looked like a total freak during the results show!

Pixelated Mo said...

really!..hmmm well like said she looked better then how she looked the whole season..