Thursday, December 14, 2006

VH in Melb Day 4 - Mornington Peninsular

The 4th and 5th day we planned to drive out of the City. We decided to go to Mornington first then do Great Ocean Road the next day. We rented a Toyota Yaris for two days and picked it up from Hertz after a wonderful western breakfast of scrambled eggs, toast and bacon. Yes Real Bacon folks…. Not the stupid chicken bacon we get in M’sia….. Real !!! Bacon!! Mmm….and the portions were of cos huge… I am a fatty!!

My first quest was to find Brighton Beach (notice how I said ‘My’ and not ‘Our’). Brighton Beach in Melbourne was a recreation of Brighton Beach in England, where they built colourful bath huts on the beach which were really expensive to rent. With the lack of a special detailed Map of Victoria which we forgot to pick up at the car rental place, we were lost….. but I bluffed my way there using a normal street map which I had and managed to get to a beach area ….and with the help of a few locals …we found Brighton Beach. Got a few shots of the huts and then we continued on our journey towards Mornington Peninsular which is known for its vineyards, breweries and hand made chocolates….mmmmm…

We managed to find the Chocolate place but to our disappointment they where closed on Mondays… yes it was a Monday and as we drove on we found that almost all the beer breweries and some of the vineyards were closed… but that’s ok… the drive was excellent… it was a beautiful scenic drive…. Vineyards to the left …vineyards to the right… “Hey look, a flock of sheep”… like Flo would say …”sooooo pretty!!”...

We visited a vineyard called ‘Darling’ and we got to taste different kinds of wine at this “pretty” place. It was simply brilliant. After Shanti and Rose bought a few bottles of wine, we went out to the chateau’ but the ‘wine grower/farmer guy’ (what do you call these people?) told us that they just planted the new vines and it only will be ready in March and Jun ….that’s when they start harvesting the grapes. I guess we will be making a trip to Melbourne in March some time in the distant future. We were getting a little bored so we just drove on,… stopping only to take in the scenery along the way. As it was getting late we decided to head back to the city. Anyway ….it was a pleasant drive thru Mornington ,…… all 230 km of it….

Somewhere near St Kilda (I think) we stopped at a Safeway Hypermarket to buy some groceries, because the girls decided to cook dinner tonight. It was a lovely little dinner with the best of friends.

to be continued

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