Tuesday, December 05, 2006

VH in Melb - Taking a crap at 37000 feet

The flight was on schedule and we were on our way. The last flight I took was about 2 decades ago…. So this was somewhat a new experience for me and the first thing I must say is that the food they served on board really really sucked! Hospital food also better lah… I wonder if other airlines have better food. Stupid MAS!. Well anyway. We left KLIA at 9:35pm and it wld take about 8 hours to get there; ETA 8:15am Melbourne Time. I got to watch Nacho Libra and Poseidon. It was fairly entertaining and I also managed to catch the first episode of the fifth season of Smallville (or was it sixth season) and the second episode of Prison Break. Oh and also an episode of Justice League Unlimited. I’d say time well spent.

My first glimpse of Australia was its red Mars like surface. it was about 7am Aussie time/ 3am M'sian. We must have passed Uluru Rock but the stupid captain did not announce it. But it was ok... the lanscape was cool and i took a few interesting photos. I did not get a window seat so I had to take the pictures tru a small little window at the back of the plane.

As we landed the captain announced that the weather was clear with a temperature of 12 degrees Celsius… Come again!!?? 12 degrees Celsius!!I don’t think I was ready for this…?... I read on the net that it was going to be between 15 to 25 celsius, oh well..better button up then. . It didn’t take us long to clear the airport, and our bags were out a few minutes later… and we were greeted with Shanti’s smile, (our friend who is studying in Melbourne), and as we got outside to wait for the bus the weather was actually not so bad, it was crisp and refreshing and easy on the nose…… but then, it wasn’t windy… as we shall soon find out when we get to the city..... of Melbourne.

to be continued......

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