Thursday, February 15, 2007

Bon Voyage Rach!

Another APMer going off to study abroad today... Bye Bye Rach... dont worry.. im sure you are going to love studying (and partying) in Australia.

We had a little going away party for her last week with some wonderful local food... like Nasi Lemak (My wife's mum makes the most awesome ikan bilis sambal... the fried ikan billis is also the best i have ever tasted) and some really good Satay i bought from Old Town PJ. ...yumm yumm... The dessert made by Rach was nice too... What was it called ah? All i know was it was made using SilverBird Brand Instant Mix.. as Rach put it they deserve some credit too...

We are going to miss you lots, Rach... sniff sniff :( ... we miss Veron too (her sister who is studying in UK) ... hey VERON!! how are you? APM is not the same without the both of you... dont worry ...we shall continue to do well at mass... as 'Budak Scout' says ..."We are the best" (perasan betul). Anyways take care and thank you both for your efforts in APM... oh and also thank you for singing at our wedding... you guys (APM) made it the best wedding ever (perasan betul). You guys rock!!!

(from Left- Tequila shot, Stop eating the salt MSG lover you; We had to make do with whatever glass we had cos we dont have shot glasses... mental note: buy shot glasses)

(from Left- The Girls and Ultraman in the background- thats what happens when you eat too much MSG; A little going away present)

( I'll have what ever Sheev's drinking)
(One for the road- Bon Voyage Rach.. take care and keep in touch)

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