Monday, February 05, 2007

Smooth Ride

For those of you that have taken a ride in my car. You might have noticed that the ride was bumpy, rough and loud (pun not intended). Dont even mention potholes and speed bumps... terrible... just terrible. Then there was this squeaky noise coming from the right rear absorber.

Well check it out! I finally got new tyres and shock absobers ....... Smooth and quiet ride....nice!


Gallivanter said...

Coolness. Where did you buy the tyres? Expensive? Brand? I need to change my car tyres soon...

Pixelated Mo said...

I got the 4 tyres for RM500. Goodyear Durago GA. I believe you can get it a little cheaper in Klang. Absorbers i picked a mid range Monroe's in front and Cheap Kayaba for the back.. All together RM 600.

misc stuff was 4 tyre valves for RM20 and RM 10 for workmanship.

Balancing was free..

The shop was just down the road from my hse near opposite the shell station.