Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Halloween In February

Happy Chinese New Year!!...
....apart from spending chinese new year in Kapar (my wife's uncle is chindian) for reunion dinner and breakfast the next day, my wife and i were also invited for sheev's birthday last sunday night. The party was put together by his girl girl and a few of their friends. She even had a theme for the party which was 'Devils and Angels'.
... being the Malaysians that we are... most did not come in costume or even makeup... some even came in Manure United jerseys... being the Malaysian that i am...I made devil horns for Rose two hours before the party... I didnt have time to make another one so i just put on some makeup. It was an excellent party Sheena! good work guys!

(B'day Boy and his Girl; Father Dono and the Angel in Disguise; A demon trying to redeem his Soul)
(Sweet Angel Sister with Devil Brother and B'day Boy; Scary Tick-Tack-Toe Joe)
(The boys clowning around doing the china mali' pose; The stabbing of the cake)
(Wolfman and the She-Devil; Some didnot need makeup to look scary; Demon King and the Camera girl from hell)


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