Wednesday, February 07, 2007

The Spore Thingys Identified

Thanks to reader Jeales for his information on these things that are 'growing' on my bumper. Apparently these are not spores but eggs from an insect called Lacewings. So, it did not grow on my bumper.

I have seen this insect in my garden and from what i have read, the Lacewings Larva also known as Aphid Lions eat all kinds of pest insects.... thats good! Whats interesting is that the lacewings layed these eggs exactly on the same spot as last year.... hmmm

Anyway more info on Lacewings can be found HERE and HERE . Time to get the camera out and try and take pictures of lacewings and its larvae



shantimichael said...

HANG ON!!!??? have a blog??....since when???....well august apparently!!!!....and you just left a comment on my blog on how blogging is lame???!!!

Pixelated Mo said...

was just assuring you, its ok that you suck at blogging cos you got better things to do lah... yai ho!!