Monday, March 05, 2007

Filler-Flash Indian Grasshopper

It was a lazy saturday and sunday. I burnt a few photos and playing around with the camera. Also went and bought a few DVDs so i managed to watch Snakes On A Plane and Little Miss Sunshine. Snakes was enjoyable if you left your brain in the next room and Sunshine was interestingly funny. Snakes 4/10 and Miss Sunshine 7/10.

The two pictures below is to illustrate the need for filler flash. As you can see the first photo is underexposed. Sometimes even when you select automatic, the camera will not be able to decide when to use flash and when not too. This occurs when you are faced with a back lite object or when you are under a shade in the freaking sun. The camera detects that there is enough light in the area, so it will not activate the flash. This can be easily fixed using Filler-Flash or by changing the flash settings in your camera. (usually has a lightning logo in your camera).
(Backlite by sunlight coming thru the door)(Me in the lastest head wear from KIOKS)

If you are wondering whats that plastic bag doing on my head, well my wife was going to put it away and i exclaimed that it was 'my' plastic bag. So she came over and put it on my head and said "then dont leave it laying around the kitchen". I looked in the mirror and thought hey! it kinda looks good.... 100% rain protection and 68.3% UV protection for my head.

We decided to have the Mcdonalds Breafast yesterday. We had one Big Breakfast set each and it was the first time i had eaten it. It was really good. I dont know why they even call it sausages when it looks like a little burger but i loved it. The Hashbrowns were good too. The scabbled eggs were ok only lah. They werent kidding when they called it Big Breakfast because I felt full the whole day after that ...and it did not help that Daisy was celebrating her birthday that afternoon. After Mass we headed over to Daisy's place and had a vegetarian meal ....Idly and mee hoon, saambar and vege. There was chicken curry too but i refrained cos i was still full from breakfast... no nothing to do with lent.... but i did have cake :) ... i am such a pundi!! BTW Happy Birthday Daisy!!!

That everning I looked around the garden to check on my curry leaf plant. You see ... i found that a lot of the leaves were being eaten but there were no caterpillars on it. So i suspected a grasshopper... and true enuff i found one munching on the curry leafs. Took a macro shot of it where you can see its guilty face looking at me like saying ..."oh-o, i am busted"..... just before i sprayed it to dead. Felt guilty afterwards :( .... but hey you mess with my curry leaf you as good as dead! Strange thing is that it did not eat any other leaf from my garden. It only ate the curry leaf. was it Indian? Anyway..... Rest In Peace, Grasshopper....


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