Friday, March 30, 2007

Kampung Bangsar

Last Monday i went to Bangsar to run a few errants and i found myself in the new wing of Bangsar Village... yet another expansion of a shopping Mall... Everyone is doing it so why not us.. there are more and more shops to choose from.... nope that's not true either... because you can find the same things in 1U or how about Mid Valley which is not that far from Bangsar..... The only refreshing thing i found in the new wing of Bangsar Village is the red and black pots outside(as seen above) and of cos the parking.... yup... more parking spaces for the already congested Bangsar. nice spacious parking with friendly parking attendants.... so friendly they even wanted to give me a buggy ride to my car which was only 30 feet away... keke ...thanks, buggy rides are cool but no thanks...

How many of you are watching the latest American Idol. Come on i know you watch. Anyway I am hoping that Melinda Doolittle wins it cos she has the best vocals and control then any of them including Lakisha. And i love her personality....... But to be honest, Haley Scarnato is my American Idol... who cares if she doesn't win.... and to all you Sanjaya Malakar fans... I hope you all die a horrible horrible death.


sabrina said...

I'm guessing your in love with Haley's gorgeous legs? heh heh

And i totally agree about Sanjaya la...such a mockery!

Pixelated Mo said...

yup, i like legs... the secrets out.. keke