Thursday, March 08, 2007

Gunung Senyum Caving Expedition 4

My mates and I are planing to go to Gunung Senyum this April. Anybody who is interested in joining us please contact me for details.

I am sure some of you are wondering what is so great lah in 'Smiling Mountain' until I want to go there for a fourth time. Nestled about 45 minutes 'kampung' drive from Temerloh Town, Pahang... Gunung Senyum has the most interesting caves i have ever seen in Malaysia... and the best part is is so accessible and easy to explore. You dont need any climbing equipment but you do need to do some hiking. The land is relatively flat so the hike isnt too tough.

The camping grounds might put some hardcore camping fellers off because it has basic utilities like clean showers and toilets and about 3 years ago proper electricity. The first few times when i was there they only had a generator which they used from 7pm to 11pm. There are chalets and small halls for rent too. Everyone will have to register at the ranger's office and nobody is allowed to camp at the caves ....but the Gunung Senyum cave massives are very close to the campsite. This however makes it busy with visitors .......but not as bad as the caves in Perak lah.

A 45 minute hike from Gunung Senyum will bring you to Jebak Puyuh, another cave massive which has even more interesting caves which are less frequented by people. It would take about a day to explore Jebak Puyuh. The land surrounding Senyum and Jebak Puyuh is relatively flat so I am guessing if you clear all the vegetation and kampungs', both these cave massives would stick out like Uluru (Ayers Rock) in Australia.
(in the back ground of the first photo Senyum is on the left and Jebak Puyuh on the right)

Dates: 6th to 8th April 2007
Confirm with me by: 26th March 2007 latest by 31st March

If you would like to join us in exploring these caves please contact me for details


G said...

For more photos and info...

Hoping we could round up half of Klang Valley for this. :-)

Pixelated Mo said...

:) that would be cool.