Thursday, March 29, 2007

Who doesnt love a fantastic Sunset...

Did anyone catch the sunset yesterday? I was lazing around after a very hectic day at the income tax office and the better part of the afternoon in the blistering heat somewhere in Kajang. (I dont know if its me or are those BE,B,AE or whatever Forms are just plain confusing)... Anyways yah... as i was saying ... the Sunset yesterday was really nice ... and i seriously believe you dont have to be at a tropical island or some exotic or historic location to appreciate a good sunset or even a sunrise. The photos here were taken yesterday just out side my house. it only lasted a few minutes so i had to work fast. As usual i took about 3 million shots and it was hard selecting the once i liked. The first pic on top was just a plain point and shoot while the one on the right was an experiment with reflective surfaces. In my case..... i included the reflection on my car roof, then turned the picture upside down. What do you think? ok ah?

I read a photo technique the other day and thought i'd try it out... it was about giving lighting that star like flare without additional filters. All you have to do is set the smallest aperture settings your camera allows. In my case it was F9. (pls note the bigger the F number the smaller the aperture) Below is an example to explain this technique.
(1/2o sec F3.2)...........................(set at F9 camera compensate 1/4 sec)

As for the LHDN well, it took half a day but it was all ironed out...but it seems that i still owe them some money...BAH!!!



sabrina said...

Great pixx!!! I love love watching the should come to Penang and take a boat ride just before'd go crazy la!

Pixelated Mo said...

I'm sure i would because do I have many sunset and sunrise pictures taken in penang... check out my post in my old blog about the APM retreat last year.. the first sunset picture was taken somewhere along the North South Highway.. the rest were taken in penang..

here's the link..

just for you... i will post my favourite penang sunset in my coming post..

Pixelated Mo said...

for some reason the full url didnt show... but if you highlight everything till the second line and paste it ..the full url is there... confusing yes..

you can take away all the extra bits after .com and then go to the APM Retreat 06 ablum to view all the pictures... anyway here is the missing url just incase.


sabrina said...

Oohh it looked amazing!!!!