Friday, April 06, 2007

Do you want to smile...?

(Took the picture above last wednesday from my office balcony. The sun was pretty intense and I wouldnt recommend taking pictures directly at the sun, but it sure makes a nice shot)

Was on leave yesterday. Took the picture on the left which i kinda like. But i think the angle could be better and maybe should be taken with a better sky...(can you guess where is was taken?)
Anyway i went to a few places to check out stuff to buy for the Senyum trip.... Found a lot of camping gear going for dirt cheap prices.... Not like i need camping gear lah... just look look see only... One thing i must warn all of you about is when buying a tent... always look at the details ... The tent can be cheap but it should have a fly sheet. The fly sheet gives added protection from the rain and sun. If you want to get a tent that doesnt have a fly sheet.. you could get a cheap canvas at the hard ware store(those plastic like sheets in blue and white strips). Also when deciding on the size of the tent your getting always minus 2 , as to mean if the tent is meant for 6 people.. only 4 people will be comfortable in it... because you have to count your bag and other equipment too. So if you want to get a tent for two people, buy one that is made for 4 ..

My car just tripped the 100K mark last week.... i have heard many horror stories about cars that react this milestone... so... fingers crossed.

BTW, there are about 10 people confirmed for the senyum trip... its not too late to join us you know... so contact me if you are interested and want to smile (open invitation to friends and strangers)

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