Thursday, April 26, 2007

Gunung Senyum 2007 Day 2

The second day was fantastic..... my whole body was aching, my toe was sore and painful... and i was raring to go.. We had hired a guide to take us to Jebak Puyuh to make sure we did not miss a few caves like we did the last time. His name was Husin, a nice friendly chap whom if i remember correctly was karoke'ing his heart out in a sarong the last time we were here.
(*Gua Rangkak)
The hike to Jebak Puyuh toke some 45 minutes to reach and the first cave we visited was Gua Rangkak (Crawling Cave). Next was Gua Terewong (Tunnel Cave) and Gua Kapal (Ship).
(*Gua Kapal)
(**Gua Terowong)
We bypassed a few caves to get to Gua Straw and Gua Jandi. These two caves had the most interesting formations i have ever seen... the sad part was that there where visitors who either did not know or where ignorant about how fragile the 'straw' formations where and they touched it and it broke... so when we were there we did not see any which were more then 2 or 3 inches long. Husin explained that one which was 3 feet long can take up to 60 years to form.... woah...
(*Gua Straw,.. howlong did this take..................................... *Meditating in Mayat)
(*Can you see the mayat)
Gua Mayat (Dead Body) was next... was not to keen to stay too long in Gua Mayat if you know what i mean. Did not have good memories of this cave the last time I was here.

The last cave of the day is a cave i have not visited before. It was called Gua Ular (Snake). It was the most interesting cave in the whole trip. From the first chamber we went trought a small opening which lead up to another chamber which then lead to a Garden... Something about the place felt so peaceful... we all dub the place 'Secret Garden'. Donovan and Daniel explored the place well... Donovan especially was always eager to explore ever crevice.... hmm that didnt sound right...
(**Gua Ular)

(*The Secret Garden.......................................*The MARS like features of Gua Ular)
Anyway... the place reminded us of MARS... too bad this was the last cave because i was too tired to explore it further... it didnt help that i had kicked another tree stump and my toe started to bleed again just before entering Gua Ular. The funny thing is in the jungle trail i had kneeled to check on my toe... there in front of me i saw 4 or 5 leeches heading towards me from different directions... i quickly jumped to my feet and hopped out of there..... Husin and YanKeat came back to get me and helped me reach Gua Ular... it was a really funny sight seeing those leeches heading towards me like that...

Talking about leeches all in all there were 40 over leeches between the 12 of us. I had five bites. Donovan and Lee Wen had the most, 8 bites each!!
(a 200 year old ARA Tree)
From Top Left: Wan Shen, Anelie, Lau, Kam, Donovan, Chelva, Andrew (endrooG) , SzeLin (Tihtahpah)
Seated in Front: Lee Wen, Daniel(The Gallivanter) , Chin Yan Keat, Me


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