Tuesday, April 03, 2007

298 Turtles

‘Malaysia seizes 298 poached turtles’

When will this ever stop?...When you hear news like this it is always about someones libido… yes…eat rhino’s penis sprinkled with rhino horn dust and get it ‘on’ all night…. For crying out loud lah… why is it that 90% of this kind of delicacies will land up in some kitchen in China … sheeeezs… and 10% of it will become decorations or fashion accessories.

People!!! When the buying stops, the killing will too.




Gallivanter said...

Let's discuss a plan to fight this when we meet during our Gunung Senyum trip in 3 weeks' time. :-)

Pixelated Mo said...

you want to join WWF? ;)

Ratu Syura said...

Hey Mo~! Ratu Syura here.. just dropped by ur blog to see what it's about.. =)

Well, I gotta admit Mo that I WAS one of those people that contributed to what u posted about! Keyword: WAS!! I used to lurrvee eating those turtle eggs when I was a kid! Not anymore though... Just so you know.. :)

Pixelated Mo said...

i used to love Ivory... traditional carvings made on Ivory... I was like 10 years old and i didnt know Ivory is Cow,Rhino horns or Elephant tusk.. Then one day i watched Nat Geo Special on RTM2 and saw elephants i was forever changed...

ANyway thanks for dropping by. BTW cant seem to find you blog.. whats the URL?