Thursday, April 12, 2007

Seeing Red

Bought a RED Heavy duty Dolphin torch light for the trip to Senyum. The last time i was there i used the normal Eveready Torch light. It was ok but not as bright as i wanted it to be. I was excited until a friend of mine told me that those Dolphin torchlights are very bright and durable but they dont last. At most the bateries last about two hours...... I am like alamak!!!... never mine lah i will still bring it along.

... did anyone watch Formula Uno last weekend ah.... What lah that stupid Massa... he better buck up before i come there and slap him silly. Some more almost taking out Raikkonen on that corner trying to overtake Hamilton. Just heard over the radio that raikkonen is very confident with the cars setup this week and is looking forward to Bahrin. But I say bah!!...hopefully Massa gets his act together because its no use being fastest in qualifiers but then drive like a taxi driver then terbabas(lose control)... goooo Ferrari... i am here waving the ferrari RED flag high yah.......

Talking about radio... If you were listening to Hitz FM radio today morning, you would have noticed that Rudy was on holiday or something like that and Andrew Netto would be temporally replacing him for two days. Yes thats right... the same Netto i wrote about lah.... that Funny Indian feller in RED. Congrats Andrew, i believe i dont have to tell you to enjoy every minute of it...

Whats with this freaky weather lah... its hot but it rains almost everyday...Is there a RED alert on the weather.... Is Al Gore righ! of cause his right... or he could be half right,,,,,,,,,,life... will always find a way... and nature will correct itself to the planets own benefit not ours because this is and how its always been...... something even greater then what we can comprehend.... peace.

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